The Advance Of The Waffle.

Pancakes! Now there’s a traditional food that has simple basic ingredients of milk, egg, flour and salt, together with a simple batter recipe that allows anyone and their child to prepare and cook with almost any heat source. The result can be delicious, particularly when flavored with your sweet or sour favorite filling. There is however, a problem with obtaining consistency of results.

How much batter do you need in that particular size of pan? How thick should it be for best results? How do you ensure it is ‘flipped’ at the right moment to give a correctly cooked pancake , golden-brown on both sides without any sign of burning? Most people eventually find a near-correct process that works for them and their family. But there lies the rub, because repeating that sequence to produce multiple identical pancakes for several people, is nigh on impossible. Not least because each successive pancake will cause the pan to cool and the temperature / time variables to change, so the whole juggling act starts again for each one.

Enter the waffle maker machine, as the most sought after modern addition to any kitchen. The following video illustrates what these machines are all about and shows a typical example of the best waffle maker machines available today:

A waffle maker machine takes over where a pancake frying pan leaves off. Waffles start with the same basic recipe, but the modern waffle maker gives precise control of all the variables usually encountered when frying a pancake with equally delicious outcomes. In fact, once the perfect sequence of settings has been determined for you to bake your perfectly formed waffle, the control features of the equipment ensure that you can repeat that process however many times you wish. Each finished waffle will exhibit the same thickness, fluffy texture with the same degree of crispness and browning.

Waffle makers are available from many well-known manufactures such as Cuisinart, Presto, Black and Decker, Oster and several other companies. All offer models and price ranges covering from basic models through professional, to premium machines. The machines are electrically powered and come with the features you would expect to cover basics such as on/off, cooking temperature and cooking time. As you go up the manufacturers range, more features may be incorporated such ‘oven ready to cook’ indicators, ‘cooking time complete’ indicators, all of which may be monitored on digital displays. In addition, the physical design of the plates (usually cast iron with non-stick coating) and their weight, ensures that unlike a pancake, there is no variation in size or thickness and the auto timer controls ensure every run produces identical results.

As you would expect, this kitchen appliance is available through major retailers and hardware suppliers, both in your local area and on the internet. There are many websites on the internet, such as , that offer information on how the waffle maker machines from various manufacturers compare and it is worth browsing a number of these before you make you buy decision.

Pancakes are still enjoyed and always will be, but these machines are for the family who are looking for a breakfast or later treat that is produced to their favorite specification each time, rather than gambling with a frying pan and shakily-poured batter.